"Being a method composer has always taken me to some strange places and situations. The stories just seem absurd and preposterous; how one would ever find themselves in these scenarios? I just go for it. Writing everyday is what Ive chosen to do, but its something more. Its a strong philosophy and journey to adhere to and despite the odds I continue to persevere through adversity. Music is everything to me and Ill just keep composing until the ideas run out."



"Ive always challenged myself by building constraints and composing for acoustic instruments rather than programmable machines. I have come to understand that technology is like a swiss army knife and should be used as a tool not as a crutch to lean on. There is so much sonic material that can be obtained as well as having a clear and thorough understanding of the art of composition. I use and design constraints my score closely with the filmmakers vision while attempting to push my compositional boundaries in both tonal and acoustical parameters"



“An incredible and insurmountable thanks goes out to each and every musician who has at one point performed my compositions. The time and dedication you have committed since you were young, practicing and pouring your spirit into that instrument will never go unrecognized or forgotten. NO device will replace the passion and sonic soul you so enthusiastically apply to the little scribbles and symbols scattered across the page.” 

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