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Composer and conductor, Nadeem Majdalany, has always had a stylistic yet unorthodox approach to music composition. From a young age Nadeem displayed a passion and enthusiasm for music, playing piano and writing short pieces. At the Royal Conservatory of Music, Nadeem committed himself to learning the piano and studying music theory and history.


During his early teens, he was seduced by the power of rock and the awe of jazz as it slowly found its way into his compositional practice and performance. Soon after, the young musician went on to pursue his studies at Berklee College of Music earning a degree in Film Scoring. By 2005, Nadeem made his orchestral conducting debut, working rehearsals and guest conducting the Athens Symphony Orchestra. He went on to premiere his piece entitled "Gloria Et In Terra Pax " for string orchestra and choir with the ASO and the National Technical University of Athens Choir in Greece. From there, Nadeem has gone on to conduct and rehearse a variety of orchestras and ensembles on an international platform.


Over the years, Nadeem has worked composing music for a wide variety of notable filmmakers, bands, solo artists, dancers, engineers, producers, ensembles and orchestras. Creatively outpouring music in a multitude of genres, working extensively with film music, jingles, songwriting, arranging, chamber music, as well as composing large-scale orchestral pieces. His work has been met with praise and admiration as he continues to inspire both audiences and colleagues. In 2009, Majdalanys 44th String Quartet was premiered at the 50th Anniversary of Mark Motors Porsche & Audi Celebration and in 2011 he won Best Score at the Aphrodite Cinefest International for "Da Capo:, a film born from the musical experience and mind of Mr. Majdalany.


Having written and arranged over 10,000 pieces, Nadeem continues to learn, write, conduct and produce. He currently, holds a position on the faculty at California State University, Northridge and works as Composer in Los Angeles.

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